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Sold Soap Packing Machinery To USA

Publish:2018-08-16 By Emily
That's good news. We sold soap packing machinery to USA.
Our machines are very popular in USA, and more recently, another machine is going to USA. This customer is our old customer, and we have cooperated many times. The customer bought a detergent soap packing machine this time. He needed it to package the soap produced by the company. After the packaging of the soap, the appearance is more beautiful, can effectively improve the level of products, the sales of products have a great help. Machines sell well in USA and are loved by customers.
 detergent soap packing machine Customers
The USA customer visit our factory before purchasing. He tested the machine and examined the samples, and the customer was very satisfied with them .Our factory is in China and we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory .During the visit, we will have professional staff to demonstrate the operation method and maintenance method of the machine for you. The packaging style of the product can also be demonstrated, so that customers can fully understand the machine and ensure that the machine meets the requirements of customers. This machine has many advantages.
1.The machine adopts frequency conversion controller, which makes the performance of the machine more stable and suitable for packaging of various sizes.
2.The use of the touch screen makes the operation of the machine easier. Operators can operate directly on the touch screen, convenient and fast.
3.The machine's PLC control system is powerful, making the machine's control more convenient and the maintenance more convenient.

detergent soap packing machine

4.The machine uses a dual encoder, which can be used to accurately encode product batch number and other information.
5.The fault diagnosis is very stable, can discover the machine fault in time, reduces the accident effectively.
6.The advanced temperature controller can make the packaging temperature of the machine more accurate, can better package and seal the product, achieve perfect packaging effect.
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