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Candy Packing Machine Sold To Pakistan

Publish:2018-08-15 By Emily
Are you a candy packing machine supplier in Pakistan? we want to buy the machine from your company. Some customer ask this question. We are a manufacturer in China and we have candy packing machine sold to Pakistan.
Recently, we had a machine purchased by a Pakistani customer. He is a confectioner, and as his business expands, he needs a fast candy counting and packing machine to meet the company's packaging needs. He first saw our machine information on the Internet and became very interested in the machine. After communicating with our staff, he came to our factory for a visit and tested the machine. After testing, he was very satisfied with the machine and finally decided to cooperate with us.
 Candy Counting And Packing Machine
Our cooperation is very pleasant and he is very satisfied with our service attitude and machine performance. He said that our machine is an ideal packaging machine, running fast, stable and easy to operate. Our candy packing machine adopts novel system design to make the machine smaller and more convenient for transportation and loading and unloading. The use of imported parts makes the service life of the machine longer and effectively reduces the production cost of the company.
Our candy packing machines are very popular in many countries, Pakistan is one of them. In the process of making the machine, we pay great attention to the processing of details, making our machine more user-friendly and convenient to operate.
Introduction Of Candy Counting And Packing Machine
1.The machine adopts frequency converter, PLC controller and double motor system, which can realize flexible packaging length and accurate cutting.
2.The machine uses PID control system to control the temperature stably, making it suitable for various packaging materials.

Candy Packing Machine Samples

3.The system of the machine is all controlled by microcomputer, convenient function adjustment and system upgrade.
4.The highly sensitive optical-electric marking tracking system can track the material's position and make the packaging more suitable.
5.Man-machine interface is used in the machine, parameter setting is more convenient and fast.
6.Advanced self - diagnostic capabilities will make fault indications more obvious.
If you interested in this machine, please contact us for free, we look forward to cooperating with you.