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Sold Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine To Taiwan

Publish:2018-09-18 By Emily
I have a good news to share with you. We sold horizontal flow wrapping machine to Taiwan.
The machine sold to Taiwan is horizontal flow wrapper machine. This is our old customer. This customer runs a bread company and he needs machines to package his bread. We had a collaboration a few years ago, when he also bought a bread packaging machine.
Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machine
After the use of the machine, he found that our machine is very durable, not only easy to maintain, but also thoughtful after-sales service of the machine, our staff can quickly help him solve the problems of the machine. Therefore, he chose to continue to cooperate with us this time.
I have to say, this client made the right choice. The machine he bought this time is an upgrade of previous generation machine, not only more fluent, but also faster, I believe this time will make him more satisfied. In fact, we have many long-term partners in Taiwan, as well as in other places. We are a machine manufacturer that many customers trust. Many customers will cooperate with us for many times. The machine that sells to Taiwan this time is a very perfect machine, I can give you detailed introduction.

1.Good machine performance, simple operation, fast packaging, convenient maintenance.
2.The machine can be set to a variety of packaging sizes, so that the machine is suitable for various product packaging, increase the application range of the machine.
3.The color touch screen display system is used in the machine, which can clearly show the operation process, making the operator easier to operate.
4.The machine adopts advanced PLC control system, which can effectively improve work efficiency and increase output.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machine Samples

5.It is equipped with automatic photoelectric tracking system, which enables the machine to accurately track the products, making the packaging more suitable and saving the raw materials.
6.The gear system and dual-frequency conversion control system are used in the machine, making it easy to operate, smooth and fast.

If you are interested in machines, please let us know. We look forward to working with you as a partner.