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How Are Ketchup Packets Made In Factory?

Publish:2019-02-21 By Sherry
We often see small ketchup packets in KFC, McDonald's and other fast food restaurants, but do you know how are ketchup packets made in factory?
Since ketchup is a viscous liquid, its packaging requires a special packaging machine, this ketchup pouch packing machine is specially designed according to the characteristics of ketchup, it not only makes the bag more beautiful, but also won't leak.
 Ketchup Packets
How are ketchup packets made by the machine?
Inject the material into the mixing tank -- automatically measure filling according to the set weight -- automatic bag forming(it can be equipped with punching and Angle inserting devices) -- automatic sealing and cutting

The machine adopts piston volume type for metering, piston filling ensures easy entry of material into the tube for filling. Liquid crystal computer control system adopts stepping motor subdivision technology, high precision, stable and reliable. Double circuit temperature control, intelligent temperature control, good thermal balance, ensure the quality of sealing, suitable for a variety of packaging materials. Can be made according to customer requirements back ketchup packets, three side sealing ketchup packets, four side sealing ketchup packets.
Making ketchup packets by machine is very easy, welcome to contact us for more details.