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Sold Vacuum Packing Machine To Singapore

Publish:2018-10-27 By Emily
Nowadays, more and more products use vacuum packing. Vacuum packaging machines are also gaining popularity. Not long ago, we sold vacuum packing machine to Singapore.
This machine is a dual chamber vacuum packaging machine, which is one of the most advanced equipment in the vacuum packing machine. This Singaporean customer was introduced to purchase the machine through a friend. A friend of his had a long relationship with us, and had bought a variety of machines in our company. After listening to his friend's recommendation, he collected a lot of information about our company on the Internet and checked a lot of machine video. After the visit to the factory, he established a cooperative relationship with us.
 Dual Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Customers
In fact, it is an upgraded machine. This vacuum packing machine absorbs the advantages of previous products, improves the disadvantages of previous products, and greatly improves the technology of the machine. The machine is a perfect vacuum packaging equipment with faster packing speed, longer service life and more stable operation. The vacuum packing machine are not only exported to Singapore, but also sold in other countries. It has a lot of features.
1.It uses a single - chip electronic control system, making machine operation more convenient.
2.Advanced tension design is used in the machine to make the package more compact and perfect.

Dual Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

3.Stainless steel is the manufacturing material of the machine, which can ensure the hygiene of the machine and the packaging products meet the food hygiene and safety standards.
4.The international famous brand electrical parts used in the machine, not only makes the machine run more smoothly, but also guarantees the machine quality.
5.The maintenance of the machine is very simple, and operators only need to follow the maintenance manual to complete daily maintenance.
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