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Sold One Set Juice Packing Machine To Sri Lanka

Publish:2018-08-16 By Emily
Are you a juice producer in Sri Lanka? Recently, we sold one set juice packing machine to Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lanka customer is the head of a juice company, and as the company expands, it needs to buy more juice packaging machine. According to him, they don't want to work with suppliers who have worked with their company before, because their machines are too complex to maintain and are a waste of time.
Juice Filling Capping Machine Customers
So he searched online for a supplier of machines and sought a new partner. After many comparisons, he finally chose our machine. By looking at the video of the machine, he developed a keen interest in our machine, he said.
Not long ago, he came to China from Sri Lanka to visit our factory. During the visit, he raised many questions, and our staff gave detailed answers. After some talking, he decided to sign a contract with us to buy our machines. When he left, he said he was impressed by our dedicated staff and the quality machines. He believed in our machines and looked forward to working with us again.
The machine he bought was a multifunctional juice filling capping machine that sold well in the Sri Lanka marketplace. There are many advantages of the machine that I want to share with you.
Advantages Of Juice Filling Capping Machine
1.The machine can be adjusted, and the filling speed and volume of the machine can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers, which can be used in a variety of products.
2.The machine is made of stainless steel and clean.

Juice Filling Capping Machine

3.The machine's self-detection function is very advanced. When there are no bottles or bottles damaged on the conveyor belt, the machine can automatically stop filling, reducing waste.
4.The latest design is used in the machine, scientific and reasonable, more human.
5.The main system of the machine adopts advanced technology from abroad, which makes the operation of the machine more convenient.
Our machine can be sold to many countries, if you need it, contact us immediately.