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Sold Granules Packing Machine To India

Publish:2018-10-22 By Emily
As a first-rate machine manufacturer. Recently, we sold granules packing machine to India.
We have a lot of machines for sale in India, and this time it's a automatic granule packing machine. The India customer is a popcorn maker whose factory can produce popcorn in a variety of flavors. As market demand increased, it needed some faster, more efficient machines to pack his popcorn. He saw our machines when he was collecting them on the Internet, and he became very interested in them after watching video.
 Automatic Granule Packing Machine Customers
In a later conversation, the Indian customer expressed his desire to visit the factory and test the machine. Our staff told him that we welcome customers to visit our factory. After visiting the factory and inspecting the granule packing machine, he became more determined to cooperate with us. Before long, we signed the contract. In fact, every day, customers ask to visit our company, and we welcome friends from all over the world. Our granule packing machine have been strictly tested and can meet all customer requirements.
Features Of Granules Packing Machine
1.The machine is made of stainless steel and has good antirust effect. It not only guarantees the cleaning and sanitation of the products, but also greatly extends the service life of the machines and makes the packaging products safer.
2.It uses the latest optoelectronic control system to make the control of the machine more accurate and faster.

Automatic Granule Packing Machine

3.It can automatically complete measurement, bag making, sealing, filling, cutting, printing and other operations. Smooth and fast operation can effectively reduce production time and improve work efficiency.
4.This machine has powerful PLC controller, can control the entire operation process, make the machine faster, packing efficiency is better.
5.The stable Chinese and English touch screen is used in the machine, which makes the operation of the machine more convenient.
If you need this machine, please contact us immediately. Have a nice day.