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What Gas Is Put In Potato Chips Bags?

Publish:2018-08-21 By Emily
Have you ever noticed? Gas is added to the snack wrappers sold at the mall, such as potato chip bags. Have you ever thought about what gas is put in potato chip bags?
In general, in order to prevent food from being squeezed and broken, and prevent product oil oxidation and rancidity, many puffed food packages should be filled with gas. But, what gas is put in potato chip bags ?The filling of these gases can effectively reduce the impact of an external blow, allowing the fries to remain complete without breaking. In addition, filling the air into the package can effectively extend the shelf life of the puffed food, so that it remains crisp and keeps taste. As a result of these needs, filling the packaging with gas makes a good way to protect the product.
 Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine
So, what gas is put in potato chip bags of your daily life? Yes, nitrogen. The bag of chips is not filled with air, but with nitrogen. As nitrogen is an inert gas, it does not react with other substances, and its high safety makes it very popular in the packaging industry. Oxygen is very reactive, and it likes to bond with other molecules at all times, leading to chemical changes that are the main cause of making potato chips stale. However, nitrogen is very stable and reactive. Fill the bag with nitrogen to prevent the chips from oxidizing and keep them fresh.
The packaging of potato chips requires the use of machines, which can effectively save production time and improve efficiency. The automatic potato chips packing machine produced by our company can be filled with gas in the packaging according to the needs of customers, which can truly realize the multi-functional application of the machine. Other advantages of the machine are evident.
 Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine Samples
1.High quality mechanical parts can effectively reduce wear and make it last longer.
2.It is a full automatic weighing and sealing multi-functional tool with high efficiency and can be applied in many industries.
3.High precision output PLC control system is used in the machine to ensure simple and convenient operation.
4.The machine is equipped with color touch screen, which makes the machine faster in operation and enables the operator to master the working process of the machine at any time.
5.The adaption of famous brand electric appliance and pneumatic components makes the machine run stably and has a long life.
What gas is put in potato chip bags? Now, I think you know it.