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  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
We are the potato chips packing machine manufacturers and our factory is in China.
We produce a variety of machines, of which this automatic potato chips packing machine is the most advanced. The design of the machine is very novel, it uses the most advanced system in the industry, combined with imported technology, making it being a perfect particle packaging machine.

Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine Video

Our automatic potato chips packing machine is more widely used, more convenient in operation and more stable in operation. This ensures that the machine is far ahead in the market. Our factory in China is equipped with a lot of high-quality machine parts, so that the quality of the machine is more guaranteed.
Application Of Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine
Potato chips packing machine can pack a lot of products that are very common in life. For example, chips, nuts, banana slices, vegetable slices, apple slices, popcorn, sugar, etc.
 Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine
Features Of Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine
1. potato chips packing machine can be packed in different ways. It is very convenient to change packaging products.
2.As the main measuring system of the machine, the multi-head joint scale system can ensure the measuring precision of the machine and improve the measuring speed.
3.Temperature control is very important. The machine adopts an independent PID temperature controller, which can precisely control packaging temperature and make it suitable for various packaging materials.
4.The automatic potato chips packing machine uses imported PLC system, making the machine stable and running smoothly.
5.The machine can choose multiple languages and use different languages during operation, which can reduce the difficulty of the machine in different countries.
 Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine Samples
About The Potato Chips Packing Machine Manufacturers

Our company has been established for nearly ten years and has rich experience in the production and sales of machines. The machine has an independent department which can monitor the industry trend and ensure the most advanced technology is applied in the automatic potato chips packing machine.
Our factory is in China, we welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory, check the machines and make sure you can choose the most satisfying machines.
Technical Data
Model LGTCLB-420
Film Width Max 420mm
Bags Length 80-300mm
Bags Width 60-200mm
Roll Film Diameter Max 320mm
Packing Speed 5-60 Bags/Minute
Weighting Range 150-1500ml
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Voltage 220V,50Hz/60Hz
Power 2.2Kw
Machine Dimension 1217*1050*1343mm
Machine Weight 650Kg


Q1: Can I get Discount from buying your automatic potato chips packing machine?
A2: As everybody knows that the price depends on the quantity. We will automatically making discount to our regular customer.

Q2: How can you send the automatic potato chips packing machine to my country?
A2: We can arrange shipment to the destination port for you, as we have cooperated with experienced forwarding agents. We can quote you competitive freight cost.

Q3: What is MOQ?
A3: MOQ is 1set.

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