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Why Are Packets Of Chips Filled With Nitrogen?

Publish:2018-08-22 By Emily
As you can see, the chips packets is always filled with gas. Do you know what these gases are? Yes, it is Nitrogen. But you know why are packets of chips filled with nitrogen?
For chips, keeping it crisp and flavourful is a top priority for manufacturers. However, the oxygen in the air is so abundant that it easily reacts with various substances, such as oil, and it also promotes the survival of microorganisms and bacteria, which prevents the potato chips from being exposed to the air. Oxygen is active and can react with different substances in any environment, making food go bad and affecting the taste of food. The large number of microbial bacteria will cause food to decay in advance, affecting preservation.
Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine 
As a result, the makers of chips need other gases to fill their packaging, keeping them out of the air. But why are packets of chips filled with nitrogen? Nitrogen is chemically inert, making it difficult for other substances to react, effectively preserving the taste of food. In a nitrogen filled environment, various microorganisms and bacteria cannot survive, which can greatly extend the shelf life of food and keep it fresh. That's why are packets of chips filled with nitrogen.
We are a professional machine supplier, we provide customers with high quality automatic potato chips packing machine. Our machine is a kind of packaging equipment with a wide range of functions. It can not only perfectly package the product, but also fill the package with nitrogen. Now, I'm going to introduce this machine.

1.Imported PLC system to make the machine run smoothly.
2.The machine is a multi-functional packaging equipment that can be packaged in different ways. Changing packaging products is very convenient and widely used.
Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine Samples
3.It is available in multiple languages, making it easier for customers in different countries to use the machines.
4.Multi - head combined weighing system is the measuring equipment of the machine, which can guarantee the measuring precision of the machine.
5.It adopts an independent PID temperature controller to precisely control the packaging temperature, making it suitable for various packaging materials and making the packaging more beautiful.