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Types Of Cookie Packaging Materials

Publish:2018-09-18 By Emily
More and more products are sold after packaging, just like biscuits. Different manufacturers will use different packaging styles and materials. Do you know the types of cookie packaging materials on the market?
It is very important to pack the cookies. Packaging not only protects the cookies from being broken, but also makes it easier to sell. Packaged biscuits are easier to carry, transport, sell and carry. There are mainly three kinds of cookie packaging materials on the market: plastic film, paper and iron. Generally speaking, different packaging materials can achieve different packaging effects.
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1. Plastic film
Plastic wrap is one of the most commonly used types of cookie packaging. Transparent film is mainly used to package biscuits to make them more tidy and facilitate transportation and sales. The color and opacity film is used for the outer packaging of biscuits. There will be production date, batch number, manufacturer, expiration date and other information on the packaging. The use of colored opaque material packaging can make the packaging more elegant. Plastic film has very good waterproof, moisture-proof function, can make the biscuit and air are isolated, prolong the shelf life effectively.
2. The paper
Paper packaging is also a common way to package cookies. This material is cheap, easy to use, and paper can be degraded in nature, in the process will not produce harmful substances to the environment, natural health. However, there is one drawback to using this packaging material, which is its poor moisture-proof property, which is not conducive to the preservation of biscuits.
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3. The iron
Cookies are also often packed with iron, the way they are usually wrapped in a tin box. Using the tin box to pack biscuits, the appearance is more beautiful, can effectively enhance the quality of biscuits, sales and transport is also very convenient. But, its drawback is, cost is high, empty box covers an area big. As a result, the packaging is mainly used in premium brand biscuits or gift boxes.
These three kinds of cookie packaging materials are widely used in daily life. Different customers and different manufacturers will choose different materials. We are a professional machine supplier, our individual cookie packaging machine can use a variety of cookie packaging materials. For example, plastic films.

The machine package is more convenient and fast. I wonder which cookie packaging materials do you like?