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Paste Filling Machine For Cosmetic Cream

Publish:2018-09-18 By Emily
Do you use cosmetic cream? Do you know how to fill cosmetic cream? We supply high quality paste filling machine for cosmetic cream.
Most of us use the cosmetic cream, and the cream we use comes in a bottle. As we all know, cosmetic cream is a kind of thick liquid, this kind of form of object is very troublesome when carrying out packing. It's not easy to put it in a bottle. If artificial filling is used, a lot of manpower and material resources will be wasted, production efficiency will not be high, and the product will be polluted in the filling process, which violates the principle of clean sanitation.
 Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine
In this way, it is very difficult to use artificial filling. So, what should we do if we need to fill the cosmetic cream? In fact, using the semi automatic paste filling machine is very simple. Our company produces a professional cosmetic cream filling machine, this machine can realize the packaging of a variety of sticky liquid, such as snow cream, oil, peanut butter and so on. Using the cosmetic cream filling machine is very convenient, not only can effectively reduce the production input, but also the production efficiency is faster. The machine adopts the advanced technology of different countries and combines the successful experience in the industry to launch a perfect semi-automatic filling machine. Cosmetic cream filling machine has a good reputation in many countries and is welcomed by customers in different countries. Now, I'll tell you more about the performance of the machine.
1.The machine is a kind of multi-functional semi-automatic filling machine, which can be used to quantitatively fill the liquid state and paste state of the food, medicine, chemical and other industries.
2.The compact design makes the filling capacity small, suitable not only for small enterprises but also for large factories.
3.The machine is made of stainless steel, which is more sanitary and safe.
Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine Samples
4.Use the latest system settings on the machine to make the machine parameter settings more convenient and only require minor adjustments when changing filling volume or filling speed.
5. It is very quick to change materials and more convenient for machine cleaning, which can effectively reduce production time.
6.The filling speed and volume of the machine can be adjusted, and the customer can adjust the machine according to the production needs, so as to meet the different requirements of the customer.
Cosmetic cream filling machine is one of our best selling products. If you are interested in it, we would be happy to supply you with this quality machine.