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What Is The Difference Between Plastic Wrap And Cellophane?

Publish:2018-08-20 By Emily
Now, the products on the market are mainly packaged in two materials, one is plastic wrap, the other is cellophane. Both packaging materials are widely used. So, what is the difference between plastic wrap and cellophane?
First of all, from a structural point of view, cellophane is composed of thin organic cellulose, known as plant fibers, which are processed through a series of processes, glued together and maintained elastic. Plastic wrap is structurally a thin and flexible PVC, perhaps the most popular vinyl polymer.
 Difference Between Plastic Wrap And Cellophane
Second, in terms of mechanical properties, the biggest difference between plastic wrap and cellophane is that cellophane is permeable to moist water vapor, while plastic wrap is not. In addition, the tensile strength of cellophane is weaker than that of plastic wrap, and the tensile strength of plastic wrap is stronger.
Third, in terms of chemical composition. The biggest difference between plastic wrap and cellophane is that there are no chlorine atoms in cellophane, chlorine is present in plastic packaging (PVC), and chlorine atoms are high.
Finally, there are other differences. The thickness plastic wrap and cellophane is different. Generally, the thickness of cellophane is 90-130, while the thickness of plastic wrap is 50-80, and the thickness of cellophane is thicker than plastic wrap. And in general, plastic wrap is more "sticky" than cellophane.
There are many differences between the plastic wrap and cellophane, but there are many similarities between the two. Their biggest similarity is that they are both transparent or semi-transparent, which is why they are popular in the packaging industry. Using them to package the product is not only beautiful, but also the customer can see the product from the outside, very clear. In addition, they are used for food storage, mostly in the packaging industry.
 Plastic Wrap And Cellophane
Both of these materials are very popular in packaging. After packaging products, the appearance is beautiful, can improve the product class effectively. In contrast, cellophane is more widely used than plastic wrap. Our company also produces glass paper wrapping machine. This machine uses glass paper to wrap products automatically. The machine is popular in many countries.