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How To Package Tomato Sauce?

Publish:2018-08-16 By Emily
You must have seen many different kinds of tomato sauce in different packages at the mall. Did you know how to package tomato sauce?
Most of the tomato sauce on the market is in bags or bottles. We all know that tomato sauce is a very thick liquid, and when it comes to packaging this product, it must not be an easy thing to do. Some people say he can put ketchup in a bag or bottle. That's true, but can you guarantee that during the packaging process, you won't get into the impurities that contaminate the tomato sauce? Can you make sure the tomato sauce is clean and healthy? On the other hand, can you guarantee the filling speed if the factory produces ketchup in bulk?
 Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine
I don't think most people can guarantee that. So how to package tomato sauce?
Have you ever thought about filling with a machine? For this product, tomato sauce pouch packing machine packing is the best way. Using machine packaging not only ensures the production speed, but also ensures that the ketchup will not be contaminated during the filling process. The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is not only clean and hygienic, but also resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Cleaning is also very convenient when replacing materials. Our company launched the machine in the market and was welcomed by customers.
Advantages of tomato sauce packing machine:
1.The machine is a kind of multifunctional filling tool, which can realize filling, measuring, sealing, coding printing, cutting and other functions.
2.The machine adopts the intelligent photoelectric controller system, which makes the cutting positioning more accurate and the filling precision higher.
3.The latest design hopper machine is used in the machine, which is convenient to adjust the raw materials and improve the working efficiency.

Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine Samples

4.304 stainless steel is the main component of the machine, clean and sanitary.
5.The machine is controlled by stepper motor with high precision, which is suitable for all kinds of packing sizes, so that the machine's packing range can be effectively expanded.
6.The machine's progress is shown on touch screens in both Chinese and English. Operators can see working conditions directly.
Now do you know how to package tomato sauce? It's really convenient to use this packing machine. If you are interested in the machine, your enquiry is welcome.