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Commercial Tomato Ketchup Sauce Pouch Packing Machine Price

  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
Tomato sauce pouch packing machine is a kind of packaging machine, do you know the tomato sauce packing machine price? What comes to mind when you think about the tomato sauce packing machine price? It is related to many factors. In this age of rapid technological development, technology is updated very fast, if your machine does not use advanced technology, then, perhaps you will be defeated by your competitors.

Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine Video

The most popular design is adopted in the design process of the tomato ketchup pouch packing machine, which makes our machine more humanized and easier to operate.In terms of speed, the machine runs faster, which can effectively reduce production time and increase enterprise output.Fault diagnosis is also a new design of the machine, which can make the machine self-detection more sensitive.
Application Of Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

The machine is suitable for all kinds of ketchup, milk, soybean milk, soy sauce, water, juice, chili sauce, liquid detergent, cream, shampoo, sour cream, jam and other liquids or thick liquid.
Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine
Features Of Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

1.The tomato ketchup pouch packing machine has automatic filling, package forming, measurement, coding printing, sealing, cutting and other functions, easy and quick operation.
2.The machine adopts the latest hopper collection, which is very convenient to adjust and clean and can improve work efficiency.
3.Bag-making system adopts stepper motor control with high precision and is suitable for a variety of package sizes.
4.Tape printer can also be used, depending on customer needs, printing word, production date or batch number and other information.
5.The controller of the tomato ketchup pouch packing machine is displayed by touch screen in Chinese and English. Operators can see working conditions directly.
6.The tomato sauce pouch packing machine body adopts 304 stainless steel and is clean and sanitary.
7.The intelligent photoelectric controller system is used in the machine to make the cutting positioning more accurate.
 Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine Samples
We have a variety of tomato sauce pouch packing machines on the market and their prices is different. Depending on the machine's applications, materials, control systems, etc., the machine will have different prices. If you are interested in the tomato ketchup pouch packing machine and would like to know more about it, you can tell us your requirements, including the use of the machines, additional systems, package size, production, and acceptable prices, so that we can introduce you to the most suitable machines.
Looking forward to your enquiry.
Technical Data
Model LG-300
Packing Speed 40-80 bags/min
Bag size L:40-280mm |W: 20-120mm
Power 1.8 kw/220v
Thickness of packing film 0.03-0.07mm
Measure 10-100 ml
Diameter of Rolling Paper =<400
Weight 350kg
Dimensions 780*920*1680mm

Q1:Can your tomato ketchup pouch packing machine meet our needs well?
A1:After receiving your inquiry, we will confirm your packing material, packing volume, bag size, packing speed and precision, and any other requirments, and then give you the proposal according to your specific requirments. Every machine is customized to meet your needs well. 

Q2: What's your payment way?
A2:T/T by our bank account directly, or by West Union, or in cash

Q3:We are afraid you won't send us the tomato ketchup pouch packing machine after we send you the money?
A3:Please note our above business license and certificate. 

Q4:Why we should choose your company?
A4:We are professtional in packing machines over 10 years, and we provide better after-sales service. You guarantee no risk for our deal.
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