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Method Of Packaging Of Biscuits

Publish:2018-08-16 By Emily
Many people like cookies. But have you ever stopped to think about the method of packaging of biscuits?
I don't think most people understand the method of packaging of biscuits. In fact, although there are many kinds of biscuits on the market, the packaging of biscuits is very limited. In general, the majority of biscuits are in boxes or bags. Boxed and bagged cookies are very common on the market. No matter which packaging method is adopted, the biscuits after packaging are more beautiful and more convenient to carry. Now, let me show you the two method of packaging of biscuits.
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1.In A Box
There are two main types of biscuits in boxes, carton and tin box. First of all, the use of paper boxes to package biscuits is a very cost-effective way of packaging, paper is an easily available raw material, and after use, it can be degraded in nature. In the process of degradation will not produce any toxic substances, very environmentally safe.
Second, use tin boxes for cookies. The iron box for packaging biscuits is generally made of food-grade iron and must undergo a variety of tests to ensure that no harmful substances are produced. The use of iron box packaging can effectively upgrade products, many famous manufacturers of biscuits used this way. However, this method of packaging of biscuits requires a lot of space to keep empty boxes, which is costly. It is usually used in the packaging of the gift box.
2. The bags
Bagging is a very common method of packaging of biscuits. The packaging of biscuits is usually made of plastic or composite soft materials. Using this packaging method can effectively improve the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the product and help extend the shelf life of the biscuits. And small bags of cookies are more convenient to carry. Under normal circumstances, when the bag is used, there will be company logo, production date and other information on the outside of the bag, which has a good anti-fake effect.
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