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Automatic Edible Oil Tin Filing Machine Suppliers

  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
Automatic edible oil filling machine, do you need it? We are the edible oil filling machine suppliers, and our machines are sold in different countries.
All the oil on the market has been canned, which is very convenient to sell. Our automatic edible oil filling machine can also fill oil perfectly. As the edible oil filling machine suppliers, we only sell high quality edible oil tin filling machine. Machines are superior in many respects to other machines on the market.

Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine Video

In the selection of machine parts, our edible oil tin filling machine only uses the parts of international well-known brands, which can make the machine wear less, quality is more guaranteed, and the filling effect of the machine is better. The machine is a professional oil filling machine, can achieve the most perfect oil filling.
Automatic Edible Oil Filing Machine 
Advantages Of Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine
1.Fast filling speed. With the most advanced filling equipment, the edible oil tin filling machine can effectively improve filling speed and work efficiency.
2.The new design concept is reflected in the machine. The design of this machine combines the successful experience in the market and makes the design of the machine more novel and beautiful.
3.Machine self-cleaning technology is very advanced, cleaning machine is very convenient.
4.The function of the edible oil tin filling machine is complete. The machine uses a variety of advanced systems, so that the performance of the machine is far beyond the same type of products.
5.The high degree of automation of machines can effectively save labor and make the production efficiency of machines faster.
6.High quality gear and pneumatic valve for conveying bottles, low noise during operation and quiet working environment.
7.A type of technology from different countries is available in machines, making them run more smoothly and quickly.
8.The precise liquid measuring device is used in the automatic edible oil filling machine, which can control the liquid quantity more perfectly and ensure to meet the customer's filling requirements.

Machine Samples 
We are the edible oil filling machine suppliers that many customers trust, and we have many loyal partners in the market. Selling quality machines is our value. Our machines are superior in every respect to other machines in the same market, which is the result of our unremitting pursuit of quality. We believe that we will provide higher quality products to meet customers' needs.
I wonder if you are interested in our machines? If you want more information about the machine, please contact us. Looking forward to your enquiry.
Technical Data
Model LG-2
Number of Filling Nozzle 2
Filling Volume 100-1000/1000-5000(ml)
Size of Machine 700*650*1400mm
Capacity 100-500 bottles/h
Rang of Bottleneck ≥12mm
Rang of Bottle Height 80-400mm
Filling Precision ±0.5(%)
Working Pressure 0.5-0.8MP
Environment Temperature -5~60℃

Q1:Do you test the oil filling machine before delivery?
A1:Yes, we have test before delivery, will send you test video before delivery.
Q2: It's the automatic edible oil filling machine durable or ensure long-time use?
A2:1. We have spare part production department most of our spare part is producing by our factory and our engineers master every part will good to the running of the machine.
     2. Well maintain is not to be ignored
Q3:How about the after-sale service?
A3:We have professional after-sale technical team, we can make you a video to show you how to fix and installation. 
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