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Sold Coffee Packaging Machine To Philippines

Publish:2018-08-17 By Emily
Are you an instant coffee maker in the Philippines? Recently, we sold one set coffee packaging machine to Philippines.
Our machines are selling well in the Philippines. Recently, the customer in the Philippines signed a long-term supply contract with us. The main machine included in this contract is the instant coffee powder packing machine.

Instant Coffee Powder Packing Machine Customers
This machine is a full automatic powder packaging machine, which can pack a lot of products in life. For example, instant coffee, washing powder, dry powder, milk powder and so on. The packaged products are more attractive in appearance and easier to transport and sell.
This client was introduced by other Philippine clients. Due to the large amount of contract this time, he was very careful in selecting partners. He not only collected a lot of company information from the Internet, but also visited the company to check the certificate of the machine to ensure its professionalism. After a series of investigations, he chose our machine.
Instant Coffee Powder Packing Machine  
This coffee packaging machine is a perfectly versatile machine.

1.The machine can realize the automation of filling process, such as filling, weighing, sealing, counting and so on, which reduces the labor cost of the enterprise.
2.The machine can clearly display the fault and effectively help the operator solve the problem.
3.Small size, compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance.
4.Stainless steel is the main component of the machine, hygienic, in line with international food safety standards, packaging products more clean and healthy.
5.The use of PLC operating system ensures the reliability of machine operation.
6.Intelligent instruments and high-precision sensors are used in the machine to ensure production speed and improve packaging accuracy.
Our machines can be sold all over the world. More than 30 countries and regions such as the Philippines are our sales places. We welcome your enquiry.