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What Packaging Is Used For Potato Chips?

Publish:2018-08-21 By Emily
We've all eaten potato chips, but not everyone knows what packaging is used for potato chips.
In fact, we all know that packaging does have a great influence on the taste of food, the longevity of the product and the marketability of the market. Potato chips, as a food, have the most important taste. Think about it. If the packet of crisps doesn't hold its flavor well enough to allow it to interact with various components in the air, would you still buy it? But what packaging is used for potato chips?
Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine 
The packaging of potato chips should meet two conditions. First, it can effectively isolate outdoor pollutants and water, and second, it can prevent leaching of its own components. Now let's analyze them separately. First, let's look at bags. The bag is made of composite soft material. The packaging itself consists of layers of polymer and a thin layer of aluminum foil that acts as a barrier against oxygen. This composite packaging material can effectively protect potato chips .In such packaging, they are usually filled with nitrogen before the packaging is sealed so that the chips are not easily damaged.
Carton packing is often used for boxed materials. In fact, in this kind of packaging, potato chips will be first packaged in plastic bags, so that it can effectively waterproof and moisture-proof, and also prevent the potato chips themselves from oil flow, polluting the packaging box. Carton cost low, easy to obtain, degradation process will not produce pollution, is a very ideal packaging materials.
Automatic Potato Chips Packing Machine Samples 
We produce automatic potato chips packing machine that can use a variety of packaging materials to package potato chips. The machine has many characteristics in terms of performance.
1.The machine can be adapted to a variety of packaging specifications and operators can preset parameters. Change packaging products more easily and quickly.
2.During the operation of the machine, multiple languages can be selected to effectively reduce the difficulty of using the machine and make the operation easier.
3.The precise combination scale can be used in the machine to improve the measurement accuracy.
4.It has a stable touch screen that makes it easier to operate.
5.The first-class PLC system is the control system of the machine, which makes the machine performance stable and the parameter adjustment faster.
There are different types of packaging is used for potato chips, if you also need packaging materials, please contact us for free.