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Small Vacuum Packing Machine For Clothes Supplier

  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
Are you a clothing manufacturer? We are a vacuum packing machine supplier, and have machine sale.
The vacuum packaging machine for clothes is a professional vacuum equipment, which can realize the vacuum compression packaging of clothes and effectively reduce the space occupied by products. It is widely used in the clothing market.

The small vacuum packing machine adopts the unique design method, so that the machine will not damage the product when the product is compressed in vacuum. Advanced equipment is used in the machine, which is the basis of the smooth operation of the machine. Long service life of the machine, high quality parts use, so that the machine wear resistance is very strong.
Application Of Small Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum packaging machine for clothes can be used in a variety of industries, in clothing, textiles, towels and other products. In addition, it is also widely used in the food industry, for example, fruits, vegetables, grains, rice, melon seeds, peanuts, seafood, meat products, fish and other products can also be used.
 Small Vacuum Packing Machine
Features Of Small Vacuum Packing Machine
1.Imported high quality parts are used in the vacuum packaging machine for clothes, which makes the service life of the machine longer and the single safe operation time longer.
2.The operating system of the machine is simple and convenient. It is very fast when the machine is set up, which can effectively reduce production time.
3.The relative parameters of the vacuum packaging machine for clothes can be adjusted, and the sealing temperature and time can be adjusted according to different packaging materials.
4. High-quality stainless steel materials are the main manufacturing materials, clean and sanitary, beautiful and durable, and meet the requirements of food hygiene.
5. Advanced sealing equipment is used in the small vacuum packing machine with good sealing effect and beautiful packaging appearance.
Small Vacuum Packing Machine Samples 
We are a vacuum packing machine supplier with many years of experience. Our customers are in more than 30 countries and regions in the world. In the manufacturing process of the small vacuum packing machine, we have carefully considered every part of the machine to ensure the high quality of the machine. Before the machine leaves the factory, we will carry on the strict inspection to the machine, at the same time, we also welcome the customer to come to our factory to inspect the machine, makes sure the machine conforms to the customer's request.
If you are interested in vacuum packaging machine for clothes, please contact us and look forward to your enquiry.
Technical Data
Model LG-600A
Voltage 220v,50Hz
Power 1.6kw
Vacuum Chamber size L(Unlimited)*W600mm*H(Unlimited)
Packing Speed 1-4pieces/minute
Dimension 1060*680*1030mm
Weight 110kg
Main Configuration 1.PLC control programming
2.Vacuum Pump(non-oil pump)
3.Germany STEIMEX
5.A.C Contactor
7.Display Text


Q1: Can I get discount from buying your small vacuum packing machine?
A1: As everybody knows that the price depends on the quantity. We will automatically making discount to our regular customer.

Q2: How can you send the small vacuum packing machine to my home?
A2: We can arrange shipment to the destination port for you, as we have cooperated with experienced forwarding agents. We can quote you competitive freight cost.

Q3: How about customization?
A3: ODM/OEM business partner will be warmly welcome. Please consult with us for more details.

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