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Italy Round Shape Tea And Coffee Pod Packing Machine

  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
Round tea or coffee pod is in hot selling, and we have round shape coffee pod packing machine for sale in Italy.The products packed in this machine are round and look very beautiful. The round tea bag packing machine can complete the whole process of product packaging, which is very convenient, fast and low cost. Our coffee pod packaging machines are sold in different countries and regions, and Italy is also the main place to sell it.

Round Shape Coffee Pod Packing Machine Video

This round shape coffee pod packing machine is the latest type of packaging machine, which can achieve more smooth packaging process and more perfect packaging shape. High-quality accessories from different countries make the machine last longer and more durable.
Application Of Round Shape Coffee Pod Packing Machine

Machines are widely used in daily life and are mainly used in the packaging of coffee, tea, green tea, sugar, scented tea and black tea. As the package is round and the shape is novel, customers like it.
Round Shape Coffee Pod Packing Machine
Features Of Round Shape Coffee Pod Packing Machine

1.The use of the industry's advanced controller, first-class man-machine interface, the combination of these two systems to make the machine control more accurate.
2. round tea bag packing machines can be adapted to a variety of molds, such as round shapes.
3.304 stainless steel is the component material of the machine, sanitary and healthy.
4.The intelligent temperature control system is used in the device, and accurate temperature control makes the packaging materials of the machine more diversified and better sealed.
5.The round shape coffee pod packing machine's packing size and material volume are measured accurately according to the national standard, which can realize perfect packing.
6.The round tea bag packing machine is equipped with a smart photoelectric positioning system, which is highly anti-interference.
7.The packaging speed of the machine can be stepless adjusted, convenient and efficient.
 Round Shape Coffee Pod Packing Machine Samples
The advanced technology adopted by machines is the basis of their popularity. A customer in Italy said that the operation experience of the coffee pod packaging machine is very good, the machine is fast and easy to operate, and we are looking forward to cooperating with you again. We believe that customers will be more satisfied with us only if we make the machines carefully. We want to be partners with friends from different countries and regions around the world.
If you are interested in round tea bag packing machine, please let us know as soon as possible and we look forward to cooperating with you.
Technical Data
Model LGXF-660
Measuring method Volumetric method
Thread length 155mm
Bag Size L:50-75 mm;W:50-80 mm
Measuring range 1-10g
Capacity 50-80 bags/minute
Power AC 220V/50HZ/1.6KW
Machine Weight 640*1100*1850mm

Q1:If we will buy your round shape coffee pod packing machine, how about the details?
A1:1. Wooden carton package for the round shape coffee pod packing machine.  
     2. Transformer is provided.
     3. Technical manual in English is provided.
     4. Optional devices can be added to link with our machines.
     5. We will do test running and make proper adjustments according to customers’ specific requirement before shipment.
     6. Customization is available.
Q2: What’s the information should I let you know if I want to get a full quotation?
A2: Please advise your products shape (powder, granule, irregular shape), the size and weight of each bag package, bag type, type of material, thickness, printing, colors, quantity, etc. 
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