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Small Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine For Bread

  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:100 Sets/Month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China
We have automatic horizontal packaging machine on the market. Are you interested?

We produce professional horizontal packaging machine for beard, and the machines are well received in the market. Our small horizontal packing machine is an automatic packaging machine, which can automatically complete a series of packaging operations, making the company more productive and more efficient.

Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine For Beard Video

The compact system design of the machine makes the volume of the machine smaller and makes loading, unloading and transportation more convenient. The automatic horizontal packaging machine adopts the first-class operating system, which makes the operation of the machine more convenient and fast.
Applications Of Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine
This machine is mainly used for packing bread, chocolate, biscuit, pie, lollipop, moon cake, ice cream, card, wet paper towel, gloves, spoon, toothbrush, syringe, soap, washing ball, hardware, etc. Good packaging performance, can effectively improve the company's production efficiency.
Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine 
Advantages Of Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine
1.The horizontal packaging machine for beard has excellent performance, simple operation and fast packing.
2.The small horizontal packing machine adopts the color touch screen display system, which can clearly display the operation process and make the operation process easier to control.
3.The advanced PLC computer control system is used in the machine, making the machine easy to operate and improving the working efficiency effectively.
4.The gear system and the dual-frequency converter control system make the machine easy to operate, smooth and stable.
5.The automatic horizontal packaging machine is equipped with an automatic fast photoelectric tracking system, which enables the machine to accurately track the products and make the packaging more suitable.
6.The horizontal packaging machine for beard can be set to a variety of packaging sizes and specifications, making the machine suitable for a variety of product packaging.
 Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine Samples
The small horizontal packing machine is the latest package machine, after continuous improvement, the various performance of the machine is better, the overall performance of the machine is more stable, can work for a long time, more suitable for the use of the factory. With the improved machine, the speed is also faster. The advanced control system has effectively improved the working efficiency of the machine, increased the output of the factory and improved the profit of the company.
Our company adheres to the principle of customer first and always puts the interests of customers first. If you are interested in our small horizontal packing machine, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to being your partner.
Technical Data
Model LGHQ-320
  Packing speed 30-180pcs/min
Width of film 90-360mm
  Making bag size   L100-320mm; W30-160mm; H5-55mm
Total Power 4.1kw
Power supply 1 Ph. AC220V, 50/60Hz
Machine Size L4000X W1050X H1650(mm)
Net weight 500kg


Q1:How to order this small horizontal packing machine?
A1:You can send me an inquiry,then we could confirm the details through emails or telephone.

Q2:How much is the transportation freight?
A2:The freight depends on the weight and size,also the destination port.

Q3: Which countries have you ever exported your machines to sale?
A3: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, UAE, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Tunis, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

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