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What Is The Best Way To Store Coffee Beans?

Publish:2018-08-31 By Emily
Many of friends bought coffee beans, which quickly lost their flavor due to improper storage. Do you know what is the best way to store coffee beans?
We all know that coffee is made from ground coffee beans, which are the raw material of coffee. Coffee with a good taste must be made from good coffee beans. All the coffee beans sold in the market have been roasted. First of all, it is not important for the roasted coffee beans to have a good shelf life because they are very long. Fresh roasted beans oxidize when exposed to oxygen, resulting in deterioration of the oil and aroma. As the beans come into contact with the air, they lose their flavor. In order to prolong the shelf life of the coffee beans, how to package and preserve the beans has become a special work. So what is the best way to store coffee beans?
 Coffee Beans Packaging Machine
Actually, coffee beans gradually release carbon dioxide after roasting. Normally, coffee beans cannot be drunk after roasting because they contain a lot of carbon dioxide and the mixed smell of baking smoke, so beans need to be raised. Breed a bean to decide to raise a time according to different baked degree commonly, bake is more shallow raise a bean time is short, bake is deeper raise a bean time is long, it is 7 days or so commonly raise a bean time more reasonable. The flavor of the beans is at its best in about seven to ten days, but gradually decreases after a month. So we recommend fresh roasted coffee beans to be consumed within a month, preferably no more than two months, although the beans will not spoil, but the flavor will be less and less.
The enemies of coffee beans are: oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light, so the key to preservation is: seal, shield from light, and moisture-proof. Based on the above principles, we need to choose the appropriate packaging for the storage of coffee beans. Many coffee bean suppliers choose to use packaging bags for its storage. The use of packaging bags can make the preservation of coffee beans very simple. The bags are lined with food-grade aluminum foil, which blocks light and air and slows down the aroma. What is the best way to store coffee beans?  Use packing bags.
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If packing is used, the coffee beans packaging machine is essential. Many coffee bean manufacturers use machines to seal and package their beans. We also produce this machines. If you are also a producer of coffee beans and you need to store it well, please contact us.