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What Is Cello Wrap Used For?

Publish:2018-09-28 By Emily
You must have heard of cello. It's a very popular outer packing material. Do you know what is cello wrap used for?
Cello is transparent, tasteless and non-toxic, is a kind of natural fiber such as cotton pulp, wood pulp made of thin film. Cello has strong resistance to oil, alkali and organic solvents, does not generate static electricity, does not absorb dust, has good air permeability, and is very beneficial to maintaining the freshness and preservation activity of the goods.
Adjustable Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Cello is widely used in decorative packaging materials. It is moisture-proof, water - proof, air - proof and heat - seal. Its transparency makes it easy to see the contents. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of no static electricity, dustproof and so on. And because it is made of natural fiber, it can easily absorb water and be broken down without causing environmental pollution. There are so many advantages of cello. So, what is cello wrap used for?
In fact, the use of cello wrap is very wide. It is used in the packaging of medicine, food, textile, cosmetics, precision instruments and other commodities. For example, cigarettes, perfumes, playing cards, CDs, medicine boxes, cosmetics boxes, etc. They are all wrapped in cello. Adjustable cellophane wrapping machine is one of the most common ways of packing in cello wrap. The performance of the machine has many characteristics.
 Adjustable Cellophane Wrapping Machine Samples
1.The machine is made of stainless steel, which can ensure the sanitation of the machine to the greatest extent and make the packing products cleaner.
2.The machine adopts the new inspection system. When abnormal conditions occur, the machine can be detected and stopped, effectively reducing the damage to the machine.
3.Single hand swing device can effectively prevent the machine from shaking, reduce noise, quiet working environment.
4.It can use a variety of different molds, when molds need to be replaced, convenient and quick, production time can be reduced, will improve work efficiency.
5.The new cutter is used in the machine, which can overcome the defects of easy wear and tear, make the packing more accurate and extend the machine's service time.
Many products can be wrapped in cello wrap. Your enquiry is always welcome if you need it too.