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What Are Vacuum Packaging Advantages And Disadvantages?

Publish:2018-08-24 By Emily
It has to be said that vacuum packaging brings a lot of convenience to our life. But the vacuum packing has both advantages and disadvantages. Do you know what are vacuum packaging advantages and disadvantages? Now let's discuss the vacuum packaging advantages and disadvantages.
The vacuum packaging advantages are very obvious. In simple terms, the advantages of vacuum packaging are as follows:
1. Long preservation time. Vacuum-packed food, without refrigeration or freezing, has a stable life and is comparable to metal for long-term use.
2. Strong barrier: Different plastic materials to achieve high barrier effect of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and odor.
Commercial Vacuum Packing Machine
3. Easy to use. The vacuum packing bag can be opened conveniently and safely. When eaten, open the bag and eat the food, even without heating it.
4. Convenient storage and transportation. The vacuum packing bag is made of light material and can be overlapped.
5.Save energy. Vacuum packaging bag because of relatively thin, packaging is through sterilization effect, energy consumption than iron can 30~40%.
6. Keep the color, aroma, taste and shape of food. The vacuum bag is thinner, which can meet the requirements of sterilization in a short time. The original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food are preserved as much as possible.
7. Low manufacturing cost. The price of the composite film is lower than that of the metal plate, and the production process and required equipment are much simpler.
8. Flexible specifications: you can meet different requirements for different products.
9. High strength: the co-extrusion film has the characteristics of stretching during the processing. After plastic is stretched, the strength can be increased correspondingly.
10. Small capacitance ratio: coextruded films can be vacuum-shrink packed, with a volume-volume ratio of nearly 100%, which is incomparable with glass, tin and paper packaging.
11. Stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation and odor preservation.
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Vacuum packaging disadvantages
Firstly, there are also many problems in the process of food packaging in vacuum packaging. In the process of packaging, the problem of inflation and sealing is very critical. Some foods are perishable. In the process of production, transportation and sales, products should be protected from mechanical or external extrusion. Second, the vacuum packaging bag recycling rate is low, resources waste is serious.
In general, the vacuum packaging advantages are quite remarkable. If you're packing food, vacuum packaging is a good option. We produce commercial vacuum packing machine, which are easier and faster to use.