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Types Of Sausage Packaging Materials

Publish:2018-09-18 By Emily
Vacuum packaging has been used in every aspect of life, especially in the food packaging industry. Vacuum packaging is most commonly used in sausage packaging. Although the vacuum packing of sausages is very common, have you ever thought about the types of sausage packaging materials?
At present, the most commonly used vacuum packaging materials are film materials, of course, also used in bottles and cans. But the vacuum packaging of food is made of films. These packaging materials to ensure that the packaging of food aesthetic, economic and other aspects of the best state. At the same time, the vacuum packaging of food material to resist light and stability of higher requirements. When a single material cannot meet these requirements, the packaging will often be composed of many different materials. At present, the sausage packaging materials is usually composite material.
 Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine
When it comes to vacuum packaging materials, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the materials. Among all kinds of materials suitable for vacuum packaging, PE is suitable for low temperature use, PA is for increasing physical strength and strong puncture resistance, RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking use, PET can increase mechanical strength, AL aluminum foil is for increasing barrier performance and good shading performance. In the vacuum packaging of sausage, the composite material used is generally PA/PE two-layer composite, PA/RCPP two-layer composite, PET/PE two-layer composite or PET/RCPP two-layer composite. In order to increase the properties of materials, multilayer composite soft materials are also used, such as PET/PA/PE three-layer composite, PET/PA/ AL/RCPP four-layer composite, etc.
We are a popular machine manufacturer, our sausage vacuum packing machine can adapt to a variety of packaging materials, achieve a variety of packaging effects. Machines have many outstanding advantages.
 Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine Samples
1.The machine can be used with the production line to effectively improve production efficiency and meet customers' packaging needs.
2.The waste membrane recycling system is very efficient, which can effectively reduce the waste of raw materials and production cost.
3.The man-machine interface is used in the machine to make the fault display clearer and the operation more convenient.
4.It has an independent packaging system that ensures that the product does not damage during the packaging process and that the product does not deform.
5.The leakage protection system is used in the machine, which can effectively ensure the safety of operators.
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