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Types Of Packaging For Fruit Juices

Publish:2018-08-20 By Emily
There are so many different kinds of fruit juice in the market. Have you ever noticed the types of packaging for fruit juices?
Every holiday season, two or more bottles of fruit juice are packaged and sold together, and they are indispensable at meals. I don't think people in large departments would consider the problem of the types of packaging for fruit juices, but I have to say that packaging juice greatly facilitates our life. Why? You can think of juice as a liquid material that is highly mobile, evaporates when exposed to air and is very inconvenient to store. The packaging of fruit juice is a good solution to this problem. The packaged fruit juice is not only convenient to store, but also can avoid the contamination of fruit juice.
 Types Of Packaging For Fruit Juices
There are many types of packaging for fruit juices, the most common are two types, one is bottled, the other is cans. For most juice makers, bottling is more common.
Bottled Fruit Juices

Bottled drinks are mostly packaged in plastic bottles, which are transparent and allow customers to see the color of the juice and the fruit inside directly when buying it, making the juice look more attractive. The small bottle package is suitable for buying and drinking in daily life. Large bottle packaging or multi-bottle combination is suitable for family and friends to have dinner together during holidays. Regardless of the scene, large or small bottles greatly improve the convenience of fruit juice.
Canned Fruit Juices

The large fruit juice department in cans is suitable for small size fruit juice packaging. Many cans are sold in a combination of bottles. Similarly, cans of juice are more suitable for everyday use. Can packaging, small size, easy to carry. And when such types of packaging for fruit juices is used, manufacturers will choose to inject carbon dioxide gas into the cans to make them taste better.
 Auto Filling Machine
Whether bottled or canned, the juice manufacturers choose to fill their containers with filling machines. Using the machine is not only high efficiency and large output, but also low production cost. We are a professional machine supplier, we produce first-class bottling machine in the market sales. Our machine adopts advanced design to make the machine run faster and fill more accurately. If you need this machine, please contact us.