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Packing Material For Wheat Flour

Publish:2018-09-06 By Emily
Wheat flour is the most commonly used food in our daily life. It is the raw material of food such as noodles, bread, biscuits and cakes. But have you ever noticed the packing material for wheat flour?
Wheat flour is a fine powder, and the properties of the powder matter determine that it is neither suitable for transport nor suitable for sale. However, if you wrap it, you can solve the problem. Wheat flour is the raw material of food. This put forward very high demand to its packing material. Its packaging materials must be non-toxic, clean and hygienic, not only to have a good protective film, and can not react with wheat flour.
 Wheat Flour Packing Machine
In order to meet these requirements, the packing material for wheat flour is mostly composite soft materials. Common composite soft materials in daily life include BOPP/VMPET/LLDPE three-layer composites, BOPP/VMCPP composites, BOPP/CPP two-layer composites, and BOPP/LLDPE two-layer composites. These composite materials combine the advantages of a variety of materials to make the packaging better. Moisture resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, high transparency, oxygen isolation, shading are the advantages of these materials. The use of these composites can effectively preserve wheat flour, making it more suitable for transport and sale.
Wheat flour manufacturers use machine packaging. We produce wheat flour packing machine that can adapt to a variety of packing material for wheat flour, whether it is single-layer packaging materials or multi-layer composite soft materials. Now, let me share with you the advantages of the machine.
 Wheat Flour Packing Machine Samples
1.It adopts the computer control system, which makes the control of the machine more convenient and the system upgrade convenient and fast.
2.It is a semi-automatic packaging device, the packaging process will be easier to control, so the packaging is more appropriate.
3.The PLC controller can control the machine more precisely and make the machine run more stable and faster.
4.Customers can use various additional systems in the machine, such as the printer system, and can print product information such as production batch number.
5.The electro-optical tracking system of the machine is the latest technology, which can realize material tracking and make the packaging more suitable.
This machine can use a variety of packaging materials, if you need this machine, please contact us.